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The One Ring: 'A mythical way of representing the truth'
- Tolkien

Exposing SEO Web Design Industry’s
Dark 'Secret' of

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Content Management, Digital Marketing

A majority of Internet marketing and website design firms sell the above online marketing services claiming they are Web Design and SEO Experts. Web site designers and internet marketers appear to be implying their SEO web design development services will get you more traffic and more conversions.  

Matthew McConaughey in the movie 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' famously shouted, 'BULLSHIT!'               

SEO web design experts - are they 'Walking the Talk' or is it all BULLSHIT? 

If SEO web design service firms are experts at getting you more traffic and experts at converting more traffic, then why do they have the need to buy Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)?

SEO Web Design and Search Engine Marketing Hyped Statements ... 
Real or Fiction

  • websites that work hard for our clients
  • helping your business get found online
  • websites proven effective at converting new customers for clients
  • benefit from our knowledge
  • increase your traffic
  • increase your rankings
  • results-driven Internet marketing company

Web Design and SEO Experts (Hobbits)- Fictional Search Engine Marketers Who Inhabit The Internet
Promising Everything, Delivering Lost Sales

Exposing Deceptive Internet Marketing Practices

Stop Hyped Web Design and SEO Experts from Draining Your Profits

SEO Website Design - Plastic Surgery

Analyzing '33' Monthly SEO Organic Clicks:

With a click through rate (CTR) less than 2%, and a conversion rate of 30%, this Plastic Surgery SEO web design does not match the claims of this internet marketing Firm.

This Plastic Surgery website lost Monthly SEO organic clicks increasing the drain on its bottom line.

Plastic Surgery Web Design

SEO Website Design - Law Firm

Analyzing '91' Monthly SEO Organic Clicks:

The Law Firm's SEO web design is maintaining their average monthly SEO organic clicks but fails to deliver more traffic and conversions. 

The SEO web design over hyped claims need to be re-evaluated.

Law Firm Marketing

SEO Website Design - Restaurant

Analyzing '22' Monthly SEO Organic Clicks:

With only '22' monthly SEO organic clicks, this restaurant web design is a total disservice.

The next step for the SEO web designers is to upsell the restaurant owner on buying pay per click (PPC) advertising, building in further disappointment. Once PPC advertising ends, so do the monthly visitors.

Restaurant Web Design

SEO Website Design - Real Estate

Analyzing '186' Monthly SEO Organic Clicks:

At first glance, one would assume '186' monthly SEO organic clicks is not that bad. However, a closer inspection illustrates that this real estate website was averaging over 2,000 monthly SEO organic clicks.

The SEO web design company really messed up and cost the real estate owners sales.

Real Estate Web Design

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