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"Strategy Without Tactics is the Slowest
Route to Victory,
Tactics Without Strategy is the
Noise Before Defeat"

Websites, Social Media and PPC Advertising are Dangerous to Your Profits when Tactics and Strategy Stand Apart

When businesses ignore history's lessons, they can find themselves repeating past mistakes. They invariably expose their flanks and make themselves vulnerable to competitor attacks. 

The Macedonian army under Alexander the Great was one of the first military forces to use 'combined arms tactics', using a variety of specialized weapons and troops to fulfill specific battlefield tactics to form a coherent army much greater in effectiveness.

Alexander the Great never lost a battle, and was one of the greatest military leaders in history due to his 'combined arms tactics.'

What can a business learn from Alexander the Great's military strategy?

Businesses are being sold over-hyped Internet marketing technology. Big Mistake!

  • Website Design
  • SEM PPC (Search Engine Marketing Pay Per Click)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging & Company Updates
  • Email Marketing

Businesses that buy the newest hyped digital marketing tool of the month, neglect to learn from past failures and neglect to integrate these digital marketing tools into their overall strategic marketing plan, FAIL TO WIN IN BUSINESS!

Study the Past if You Would Define the Future

After Alexander the Great's Death, there was a general decline in the use of the 'combined arms approach.' Competing armies were employing the same tactics and did not immediately recognize these new weaknesses. The Roman and Parthian armies exploited these vulnerable weaknesses and eventually defeated the Greek army.

As in todays' business environment, many businesses use the same tactics as their competitors. They rely on only one or two marketing tactics, ignore the lesson of combining marketing tactics and end up with an ineffective marketing strategy that threatens their bottom line.

Key Takeaway

Businesses risk diverting resources from the high-ROI strategic marketing issues that really matter to their clients — and to their profits.

Internet Marketing Dangers Facing A Business's Bottom Line

Stop Competitors from Eating into Your Online Market Share

Website Design

Definition: 'Realization of a concept or idea into a configuration, drawing, model, pattern, plan or specification.'

Most businesses that hire a web designer are simply buying an expensive online design. The elements needed to win the online marketing battles are totally missing from most websites, sapping their profits.

Web Design

Pay Per Click Advertising

Businesses that buy PPC advertising are exposing their flank (marketing weakness). Aggressive competitors might be sabotaging your PPC advertising by clicking on your pay per click ads racking up a fortune in ad spend. 

Competitors who use combined marketing tactics will win the battle by gaining market share.

PPC Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Sales organizations are disingenuous when they imply the number of social media users (2.80 billion global social media users) will flood your business with new potential customers if you buy their services. They hype statistics - '75% of male and 83% of female internet users are on Facebook.' There are also 125.9 million women and 119.4 million men in the United States in 2014. So what are sales people really implying? 

The Truth - 95% of Small Businesses Failed on Social Media. 'Declining Organic Reach' 

Businesses on Twitter and Facebook reach only 2% of their social media followers and a paltry 0.07% of followers interact with their posts- Forrester

Social Media Marketing

Lead Capture Conversion

The number one marketing priority for businesses over the next year is 'converting leads to clients.' 
The problem and major danger to their bottom line is that they spend ninety-two dollars ($92.00) to acquire new clients and ONLY one dollar ($1.00) to convert them.

Lead Capture Pages

Content Marketing

Content is difficult to create on a consistent basis and requires copyrighting expertise only after you understand what potential clients are searching for.

Content Marketing

Blogs, Lead Capture

The time and resources needed to maintain a business blog outweighs the benefits. Majority of small businesses are not publishers and don't know their audience.

Lead Capture Pages

Email Marketing

Many businesses have not learned how to effectively utilize email. Email is treated as an afterthought and is totally disregarded by business owners.

Email Marketing

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