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Businesses Squander Their Best Online Marketing Asset -
Their Website

Lead-generation websites fail when they lack a backend strategy capable of following up on inquiries, leads or closing sales leads. As a result, their online marketing is not effectively generating business in a profitable way.

Real Reasons Why Websites Fail?

The Average Website Violates over Half of the 'Simple Web Design Principles' - Forrester Research

Poor Web Design Marketing Strategy Costs Businesses Sales

  1. 50% loss of potential sales from websites with poor usability
  2. 40% loss of users who do not return as a result of a negative experience during their first visit
  3. No backend strategy to immediately follow up on inquiries, leads or close sales leads
  4. Strategic failure to use 'Combined Marketing Tactics'


When a business spends a substantial amount of money on a website design, they don't expect an outcome where their newly designed site fails, and FAIL they do.

It is better to shut down a site that is so poorly designed that the business faces damage to its reputation. - Forrester Research

Hiring an expert in website design and online marketing with a verifiable track record is cheaper than the cost of losing sales by keeping a bad profit draining website.


Many businesses spend a fortune on pay-per-click advertising, content marketing and social media marketing to get visitors to their website. Unfortunately, websites lack instruction to help guide their visitors through the buying journey. Websites lack strategic calls-to-action (CTAs).

Potential new customers are lost when they drop off the end of the website bridge, never to return. 

High converting websites understand what potential customers are really looking for.


Understanding the Endgame

Award winning web design should not be treated like a trophy wife - something just to show off - from Nielsen Research.

Understanding tactics is crucial to playing good chess. After a few opening moves, the ultimate strategic question becomes, "What Now?" When analyzing winning strategies in war, chess or in business, one should always consider the End-Goal First. 'Determine exactly what actions a business needs the user to take as they progress through each stage of a websites' sales funnel'.

How is a lead considered; a phone call, a trial offer, a product demo, a product evaluation, a research paper, a datasheet, a webinar, a case study or a newsletter?

Response Time is Killing Business

  • Only 37% of companies respond to their leads within an hour
  • 23% of businesses never responded at all

If you want a website that captures leads effectively, you're going to need to figure out which tactical tools are worth investing in and how to use them to market a business effectively.

Learn simple, effective, proven strategies and tactics that can have life changing results. 

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