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Most businesses never learn how to maximize their success...
they spend their whole business life focused on following
the same marketing approaches as everyone else

Marketing Tactics & Tools to Effectively Generate Business 
in a Profitable Manner

Market your business, improve its performance and unleash its full potential to build meaningful wealth and financial security  

Strategies for Finding New Business

365-day Marketing Mastery Boot Camp - With COICORPS Power Networking Referral Team 

COICORPS, centers on equipping clients with new marketing tools and new approaches for the selection and cultivation of 
mutually beneficial relationships with influential people in strategically important business categories.

Businesses can reach large numbers of qualified prospects with the inferred endorsement of an established business that serves the same market segment comparable to theirs.

Reasearch which business, professional or organization has already developed a strong relationship with the people who are likely to buy your product or service. Provide the appropriate multimedia alliance marketing kit to help establish the host-beneficiary alliance.

In addition to the alliance marketing kit, develop a supporting microsite for the host-beneficiary and a credentials microsite to promote a 'good impression' to potential clients.  

Marketing Specialists Hard at Work

Tactical Marketing Services & Tools
Digital Marketing Tools, Sphere of Influence Membership, Word of Mouth Tool Kit

Digital Marketing

Following the same Marketing Playbook as the Also-rans will find businesses wanting.

Marketers publish content on their website, send out email, update their social media accounts, and carry out other marketing responsibilities.
Different markets favor different sales and marketing approaches.
Businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage need to adapt their products and strategies to appeal to the right markets. 
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Digital Marketing

Sphere of Influence

One of The Most Powerful Marketing Strategies in Business.

Strategic alliances and host-beneficiary arrangements will champion you, roll out the red carpet and secure for you immediate credibility and trust. 
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Sphere of Influence

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth, Referral Marketing Program.

A referral generated client,

  1. Closes easier
  2. Negotiates less
  3. Pays easier, faster, more
  4. Stays longer
  5. More enjoyable to deal with
  6. Refers people to you and costs you whatever you legally want to do to reward.
Word of Mouth

The Seeds of Business Success Can Be Found All Around You

Uncovered Your Own 'Acres of Diamonds' then Apply 'Military Strategy and Tactics to Your Business'

Six Degrees of Separation - "a friend of a friend"

Businesses fail to implement a referral generating strategy that everyone in the business follows religiously. - 'Word of Mouth'

They overlook the 'Acres of Diamonds' opportunity for geometric growth by not taking advantage of 'Six degrees of Separation'... Putting into practice, The Double Step Ahead Marketing System - 'Circle of Friends'.

What Military Genius does is Best

Winning the old-fashioned way -- with strategy, tactics and skill.

  • marketing genius could still be squandered if used incorrectly
  • the significance of competitor intelligence
  • professional combined-marketing tactics promote success
  • adapt to business's varied forms

Marketing Specialists

Marketing Experts Proficient in Creative Design
Microsites - Lead Capture Pages - Multimedia - Video - Referral Kits - Centers of Influence Kits - Blogs
The FASTEST way to ACHIEVE the Primary Goal of a Business


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